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Public Information and Education Mini-Grant Awards

Public Information and Education (PIE) Mini-Grant Awards are funded through the Nebraska Environmental Trust - Consider applying for a PIE grant!

The PIE Grants support the presentation and dissemination of information and perspectives that will stimulate enhanced environmental stewardship in any category eligible for Trust funding. The grant program seeks to expand dialogue on important conservation topics and to provide information on emerging or highly useful conservation methods.

In the spring of 2009 The Nebraska Academy of Sciences was awarded a grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET) to administer the Trust's Public Information and Education Mini-Grants (PIE Grants). In April 2012, the PIE grant from NET was renewed and another renewal was granted in April 2014.

PIE Grant funding has an application process including two forms, and a written project narrative. PIE Grant reporting process includes three forms, and a written project summary narrative. Funding is limited to $3000. Applications will be accepted by the Academy each quarter and awards will be given each quarter.

Please note the application deadline dates. These are postmarked deadlines. You may submit your application via email to the Academy in PDF form but a signed hard copy should be mailed in as well. Click on the link below to download application and reporting forms.

PIE Application Deadlines

2017 PIE Grant Calendar

must be postmarked or submitted electronically by the stated date:

2017 1st quarter - January 6
2017 2nd quarter - April 14
2017 3rd quarter - July 7
2017 4th quarter - October 6

Application Materials

PIE Instructions and Standards of Evaluation

PIE Application Documents - PDF Fill-In Forms

PIE Reporting Documents - PDF Fill-In Forms

Press Releases

2013 PIE Grant Press Release

2014 PIE Grant Press Release

2015 PIE Grant Annual Report

2016 3rd and 4th quarter PIE Grant Report

2016 2nd quarter PIE Grant Report

2016 1st quarter PIE Grant Report

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