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The Nebraska Academy of Sciences (NAS) is a professional society dedicated to providing services to its members and to all Nebraskans. The Academy is affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the National Association of Academies of Science. Located on the campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) in historic Morrill Hall, the Academy was established in 1880, and uses a set of seven objectives to guide its activities.
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2017 NAS Annual Meeting - April 21, 2017 at Nebraska Wesleyan University

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2017 Program and Proceedings

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Proposed NAS Constitution - language is changing to reflect NJAS status as its own 501 c 3 non-profit.  Previously NJAS was a division of NAS.  

2017 Maiben Lecturer

Eileen Hebets 

Life on Eight Legs - 
Arachnids as Models for Behavioral Research

Eileen Hebets is a leader in the fields of animal behavior, evolution, and arachnology, with specialized research programs that focus on the evolution and function of animal communication, sensory systems, and mating strategies. Her research combines field work, laboratory-based behavioral assays, electrophysiology and neuroanatomy to address fundamental questions about the diversity of animal life on our planet. She is also a pioneer in formal and informal education and her science education efforts involve the development, testing and refinement of creative approaches to help students of all ages engage and persist in science. Eileen is a Professor in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a Courtesy Faculty in the Department of Entomology. In addition to her numerous roles on university committees, she serves as the Director of the American Arachnological Society and is currently an editor for the journal Ethology. 

2017 NJAS State Science Competition
April 20, 2017
Nebraska Wesleyan University

Go to the NJAS page to find out more about the Nebraska Junior Academy of Sciences.  Information about regional science fairs is located there as well as a registration form for the regional winners who will be competing at the state level.

Newsletters are available for download from the Members page.  Just login with your email and password.  If you are a member but have not accessed the member page previously just go to the login box on the left, choose change password and follow the instructions.  Paid member emails should already be in the system.

The Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences is now available on line.  Authors are also able to submit articles for publication on line.  Please download the "Call for Papers" for more information on article submission.  Previous issues can be accessed through the University of Nebraska Digital Commons.

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